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Fronius TPS 270i Pulse Mig Welder Package TPS270i

With the TPS 270i, Fronius has succeeded in packing all the advantages of the TPS/i range intoan even more compact design. These new compact versions complete the lower end of the TPS/i power spectrum in perfect fashion. Owing to their compact dimensions and built-in wirefeeder, they are a space-saving, portable and yet extremely powerful alternative to other members of the TPS/i series for construction sites and workshops in particular.

With their broad range of applications, the TPS 270i is the ideal partners for carrying out repair work and maintenance tasks. 

Every welding process - from MIG/MAG (steel, CrNi, aluminium
application) and MIG brazing to TIG DC and MMA - can be carried out using a single unit thanks to the multiprocess capability. A plethora of options, such as a TIG installation kit or a polarity reverser for welding special flux core wires, provides even greater flexibility to this unbelievably wide range of applications.