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Nomark 99 Studwelder Complete with Chucks 110v NM99

This new line of Microprocessor controlled Capacitor Discharge stud welding equipments incorporates the latest solid state technology into a compact and rugged CD Stud Welder. This unit has the capacity to weld studs ranging from 3 mm through 8 mm (10 mm) full flanged studs and pins (including cupped head pins). The NOMARK 65 or NOMARK 99 meets the highest requirements due to maximum operating convenience, precise process times, optimal functional reliability, lightweight and easily portable, compact design, absolute safety (Safety Shutdown) and Low cost. The monitoring of all functions is clearly displayed by LED on the front panel. Cooling fan in all models for increased efficiency. Dial down DC voltage setting (no need to turn off the unit when resetting to a lower voltage). Rigid internal construction connecting the entire internal unit to the front and rear panels minimizes the opportunity of the components coming loose during handling or operations.