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Miller Maxstar 200 DX DC Tig Welder, 115/230/415v MILMXTS200

Superior Low-End DC TIG or High-End DC Stick Performance

Auto-Line Technology

Built-in Gas Solenoid and HF

Processes: Air Carbon Arc Cutting, Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW), Pulsed TIG


The Maxstar 200 DX TIG welder features Auto-Line technology, the most advanced inverter power management circuitry in the welding industry, allowing the end user to automatically connect to any input power, 120-460 volt, single- or three-phase.

Built-in gas solenoid and HF means there are no additional accessories required. With 1-200 amps of welding output the Maxstar 200 Series provides the operator with superior low-end DC TIG or high-end DC Stick performance. The Maxstar 200 is built to function dependably under the most demanding conditions.

When the job demands greater control the DX provides pulse on/off, pulse frequency, peak % time, background amps, initial amps, initial slope time, final slope time, and final amperage control.