Hire Kemppi Kempact 2530 Inverter Mig Package, 400v 3ph - Welding Machine Rental from RentArc

Kemppi Kempact 2530 Inverter Mig Package, 400v 3ph KP-KMP2530

The Kempact 2530 is perfect for applications where portability is an essential consideration. Weighing only 20kg, it's light to move and excellent for applications where you're always on the move.

The Kempact 2530 has superb arc performance. Excellent arc ignition assisted by burn back time technology guarantees satisfaction. The electronic arc dynamics control offers the best arc performance in all sitations. It's equipped with stepless wire feed speed and voltage control so arc performance can be further optimised.

Kempact Mig models are 75% lighter than traditionally constructed machines but are high in duty cycle - 250amps at 40%.