Hire Kemppi Kempact 2520 Mig Welder Package, 415v 3ph - Welding Machine Rental from RentArc

Kemppi Kempact 2520 Mig Welder Package, 415v 3ph KP-KMP2520

Kempact™ MIG machines have superb arc performance. Excellent arc ignition assisted by burn back time technology guarantee satisfaction. No need to cut the ball at the end of wire before welding! Electronic arc dynamics control offers the best arc performance in all situations. Kempact™ MIG inverter based machines are equipped with stepless wire feed speed and voltage control so that users may optimise arc performance. Kempact™ MIG is also designed for use from power generators, extending the field of operation still further.

Change the polarity for gasless flux cored wire welding. Wire inch with ‘safety speed’ makes the spool change easy and quick with lower safety risk. Kempact™ MIG machines are equipped with 2 wheel wire drive mechanisms providing smooth feeding with Fe, SS and Al wire materials.