Hire Kemppi FastMig KMS 400/MS F55 Synergic MIG Package - Welding Machine Rental from RentArc

Kemppi FastMig KMS 400/MS F55 Synergic MIG Package KP-FMS400

Kemppi FastMig Synergic KMS 400 Power Source, MSF 55 Wire Feeder MIG/MAG Package

MIG/MAG Welding Processes

For Heavy and Medium Heavy Metal Industries

Kemppi's FastMig Synergic is a modular welding device intended for professional use. It is an efficient inverter power source. It is controlled from the wire feeder's control panel, so you do not need a separate control panel for the power source. The wire feed unit casings are designed for demanding conditions and different environments. A powerful engine with precise gears and power transmission guarantee an uninterrupted, reliable wire feed.

The MSF 55 is functional, stylish and lightweight, and suits conventional workshop applications

Designed for 300 millimeter wire spools

The FastCool 10 provides effective cooling of liquid cooled MIG/MAG welding guns in heavy duty applications